UP Board 2017: A Girl With A Basket (Long Question)

Lesson: A Girl With A Basket | Composed by: William C. Douglas | Long question by: Nanna Sir

A Girl With A Basket - Long Question
A Girl With A Basket by Nanna Sir.

A Girl With A Basket (Long Question)


Describe how did the little girl impress the writer? 


How had the little girl given the glimpse of warm soul of India to William C. Douglas?

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Answer:- William C. Douglas was the judge of Supreme court of America. After independence, he come India in 1950 so that he may know the feelings of Indian people. During his journey, he met the different kids of people and talk to them.

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Besides it, he saw many places. It's brief description given below-

People and the writer: The writer went to Bareilly from New Delhi by train from their he went to Ranikhet by Car. During this journey, the writer also saw the float seen of Ganga. He saw the seen of forest. Besides it's, he saw the seen of village ands platform.

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The train was very slow. It stopped at each station. The writer also got down at each station and talk the people. The platform were full of different kinds of people- Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, howkers, Baggers, Priest, Porters, Soldiers and the Merchants etc. Due to poverty, their condition was miserable. Mostly people were barefoot or they dressed the loose white garments. By talking with people, the writer was trying to know their feelings.
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A group of refugee childrens: During his journey, the writer also met a group of refugee children. They were selling baskets and fans. They were struggling for their bread and butter(Livelihood).
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At one station, a group of refugee children surrounded him. The writer bought a lot of baskets, fans and other manufacturing (Hand made) things.

The picture of a little girl: There was also a beautiful girl of nine(9) years among the refugee children. She had a beautiful basket with handle in her hand. She wanted to sell it for one and half Rupee to the writer. His both hands were full of baskets and fans so the writer need not any basket. So seeing his miserable condition the writer took pity on her. There worth tear in his eye. She was an earnest pleader. So the writer put about fifteen(50) cents in to her basket as charity.

Seeing this, the little girl became very angry. As a respectable lady she returned money. Seeing this, the writer was much impressed with her. At the writer had to buy her basket.

In this way the little girl gave a glimpse of soul of India to the writer.

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